If you are familiar with NE Minneapolis, great breweries FYI, you'll know that for the last few years a rafter of turkeys has meandered about and made life more 'vibrant'. Well, it appears at least one of those turkeys decided to venture into downtown Minneapolis recently now that the streets are basically empty. Facebook user Patrick Marzitelli shot this video of the gobbler near the Hennepin County Courthouse and City Hall. 

The turkey even looks like it is using the crosswalk.

That's not the only time that animals have turned up in places they aren't often seen. Last week mountain lions were spotted roaming the streets of Boulder, Colorado, something that typically doesn't happen, at least in the daylight hours.

It does appear in the video that the turkey is maintaining it's social distancing to Marzitelli who is videoing him, it's unclear where the turkey went after Marzitelli was done.

I guess I'll opt for the turkeys roaming the streets rather than those large cats.

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