A traffic camera caught a car careening off an overpass bridge in Bloomington, Minnesota on I-494 over I-35W during some slick conditions on the road. For sure the older I get I have become way more cautious when I am driving especially in the winter. Black Ice is a real thing and with the weather, we have had so far this winter every day is a gamble on whether it is going to snow or freezing rain or both.

Having lived in the Twin Cities for many years the freeways can sometimes seem like you are in a Nacar race for your life then throw in not-ideal road conditions and within seconds you have a disaster. My commute in the mornings here is generally pretty quiet but every once in a while I get a vehicle coming up on my hind end like it is on fire. It often makes me wonder why are you in such a hurry at 5 in the morning? Probably just trying to get to work just like me, except I will take it slow some days because I actually want to make it to work in one piece.

What I do know is the person driving this car could not have been any luckier if they tried. Right after the car goes over the guardrail it lands on a hill, slides down, and then rolls over into traffic on I-35W below. Also, good looking out for the van that stopped on the freeway after seeing the initial vehicle come over the guardrail. According to a tweet from Minnesota Safety WCCO reported, there was only 1 passenger in the vehicle and they were not seriously injured.

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I think that these types of videos need to be shared as a reminder to slow down, drive defensively and know that these types of situations can happen in an instant. It should go without saying but be extra careful when road conditions are less than ideal.

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