This video was taken in Eden Prairie on Saturday morning but it could have been this morning too with how icky the roads are. A school bus with the Chaska/Chanhassen girls hockey team on board came across some icy roads in Eden Prairie.

Neil Marriott was attempting to make it into work Saturday morning when he got stuck trying to get up an icy hill. That's when he saw this bus start sliding down the road towards him!

Neil told KARE 11, "'I had my phone mounted in the car for hands-free use and I grabbed that and started filming the bus coming down. At one point I thought the bus was going to hit me.'"

Neil was able to move his car over to avoid being hit but he said that him and the driver made eye contact and they "'both had that moment of, 'what are we going to do?'''

Eden Prairie police confirmed with KARE 11 that no one was injured. A parent of one of the girls on the hockey team said they were on the way to a game and the team ended up making it safely to the rink for the game. Unfortunately, the other team did not show up because of, you guessed it, the poor road conditions.

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