Tesla have released a video for their song “California Summer Song,” which appears on their eighth album, Shock.

The LP, produced and co-written by Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, arrived in March. The band previously released a video for “Taste Like.”

You can watch the new video below.

Earlier this year, guitarist Dave Rude told UCR that Tesla weren't sure if they wanted to make another album after 2014’s Simplicity, but Collen persuaded them.

“We didn’t make any money from Simplicity," Rude said. “We spent money on Simplicity and we spent time and there is zero payoff. ... [Collen has] such enthusiasm, and it was just infectious. All of a sudden, [we] wanted to do it. ... It felt bigger this time. It was like, ‘Okay, yeah, let’s fucking do this. Let’s do one more really concerted big effort to make a great record,’ and I’m so glad we did.”

He added that band members "individually would write songs and send them to Phil before anyone else had ever heard them. I’d be making demos at home, and I’d send them to Phil. He’d be like, ‘Oh yeah, cool, I like this one, write a better chorus.’ Then I’d go back and write a better chorus and send him another one a couple days later.”

Rude noted that Collen "has such a great pop ear. And it’s not a pop record, it still obviously sounds like Tesla and it’s a big hard-rock guitar madness sort of extravaganza. But song structure-wise, and just the strength of the melodies and the strength of the riffs and the chords and everything working together, you need that to be great from the get-go before you start dressing it up and making it sound amazing with fancy gear.”



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