If this weekend's Big 10 West winner take all game between the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin wasn't big enough, add a hype video to the recipe. With lyrics like "Remind me where the Axe is at, that’s funny, it's the same place all Wisconsin grads are at." Shots fired! 

While the rap isn't necessarily what we want to hear, it's what the kids like don't cha know, I got goosebumps watching it. And I'm not even a diehard Gopher fan. It seems that no matter the outcome Saturday, all of Gopher/Row-The-Boat Nation, can agree this was a special season with multiple firsts for this team.

This is the first Gophers team to have:

  • 2 1,000-yard receivers in a season in the history of the program
  • Most passing TD's (26)* in one season thrown by a Gopher QB
  • 7 Big 10 conference wins in a season

And they still have one game to go this weekend.

For all the Gopher hopeful rowing a boat that has swelled in size over the season, it's all about getting a win on Saturday to claim the Big 10 West Championship, keeping the axe in Minnesota, and keeping the boat rowing forward to either a Big 10 Championship, or a Rose Bowl berth.

In speaking for myself, I just hope all of the hype leading up to the game, it lives up to the billing it has gotten.

To quote Coach Fleck, SKI-U-MAH! Row The Boat!

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