Sky Candy Studios have another stunning drone-shot video, and this one features a live performance at First Avenue.

The duo behind recent viral drone videos featuring Bryant Lake Bowl, Mann Theatre in Plymouth, the Mall of America and others is back with another jaw-dropping video.

Last March, Twin Cities-based aerial cinematographer and photographer Jay Byrd Christensen and director Anthony Jaska became viral sensations with a short video titled "Right Up Our Alley." The video -- shot entirely by drone -- took viewers on a stunning, never-before-seen tour Minneapolis' Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater.

The video racked up over 1 million views on Facebook and was featured by the NY Times, CNN, ABC, Today, PetaPixel and countless more. Christiansen and Jaska followed the video up with others shot in similar fashion featuring California's Mel's Drive-In and the Mall of America.

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Now, they've released a new video featuring another Minnesota icon as well as an up-and-coming local band. The video starts in the parking lot of downtown Minneapolis music venue First Avenue where some skaters are hanging out and playing hockey. One of the skaters -- Lars Pruitt, the lead singer of local pop band Yam Haus -- breaks away and begins singing the band's new song "Novocaine." Skating his way to the front entrance of First Ave, the drone follows him inside where the rest of his band is performing on stage to a small group of fans. The drone flies its way around the venue, and as it does Pruitt joins his bandmates for a live performance. The "fans" take to the general admission floor for a choreographed dance routine. The video concludes with Yam Haus leaving the stage through a back door to the loading/unloading garage, jumping into a waiting Jeep and exiting out onto the street where the skaters from the beginning of the video join them and head off into the night.

"Blown it out the park again guys!," commented on fan on Facebook. "Well done."

"Another great one," commented another.

"I hope you know how much your videos make us feel proud to live in Minnesota," praised a third.

"YAM HAUS live at First Avenue & 7th St Entry filmed by Jay Byrd Christensen with Sky Candy Studios," First Avenue & 7th Street Entry captioned the video on Facebook. Yam Haus is set to perform at Palace Theater December 17. Tickets are available here.

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