I was driving through Elko New Market the other day on my way home, some days I like a more scenic view and I like to see what is happening at the racetrack and drive-in, and as I went through the roundabout on County Road 2 heading into the 'downtown' area of Elko New Market I noticed that the horse and cart that adorned the north side of County Road 2 was gone! After some online sleuthing, it appears someone took a chainsaw to the cart back in March! What is wrong with people!

According to a post on the page Elko New Market Neighbors, it is a closed group, someone asked that question shortly after it had happened and got this response from the owner of the horse, named Waylon I found out, and cart.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Apparently, someone back in March decided that they needed some firewood or some wood for crafting, who knows, and they decided rather than to buy some they would simply take a chainsaw to this, what I would call iconic, wagon.

Waylon the horse was spared according to the post and was moved to the owner's place for safekeeping so she can keep a close eye on him.

I'm not sure anyone was ever caught for this, and I'm sorry I didn't hear about this sooner, as maybe I could have written about it sooner, and maybe we would have some leads as to who went all Texas Chainsaw on the cart.

What's strange about this crime, is that Elko New Market was rated as one of the safest communities in Minnesota too!

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