Take a look around your neighborhood. What kind of homes do you see? Are a lot of the homes around you similar, is the neighborhood a Hodgepodge of home styles? Homes.com recently did a survey of favorite types/styles of homes in the US on a state by state basis. So what type of home is tops for Minnesotans? Mid-Century Modern Ranch.

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For the survey conducted by Homes.com, they surveyed "5,000+ U.S. adults on their favorite house styles, architectural features, and more. For the primary section of the survey, they displayed a series of photos of the most popular home styles and asked the respondents to vote on their favorite. Homes.com then pulled out data insights from the survey results state by state."

Image Credit: Homes.com
Image Credit: Homes.com

The choices that the respondents had for home style in the survey were:

  • Mid-century Modern Ranch
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Spanish Colonial/Southwest
  • Bohemian Craftsman
  • Italianate
  • French Chateau
  • Tudor

The overall favorite style in the US as you can see by the map above was the 'modern farmhouse."

The most popular in Minnesota the Mid-Century Modern Ranch home is described as having “clean lines and big windows,” and for being more “minimal and natural-looking,” according to the survey. 

I think Mid-Century Modern Ranch is really a fancy way of saying rambler. There certainly are plenty of those around. Our current home is a split-level that more closely resembles a rambler type home, whereas our previous home in Albert Lea was built in 1919 and was a more of a smaller box that resembled what the survey called the Italiante.

In reality, a home is what you make it to be and what you fill it up with.

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