As of midnight on Friday, December 21st part of the federal government will run out of funding causing a partial government shutdown unless the White House and Congress can come to an agreement on funding.

75% of the governments budget bills have already been approved but the remaining 25% that haven't received funding yet are some big agencies and departments.

The agencies and departments that haven't received funding yet are:

Transportation, Homeland Security, Interior, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture, and Justice. 

If funding isn't agreed upon by Friday at midnight the following things will happen:

  • State park offices will be closed, but the parks themselves will most likely remain open.
  • The Statue of Liberty will most likely be closed (like it was when the government shutdown in January).
  • The FDA will close meaning their unannounced food safety checks will not happen during the shutdown. There will only be a few essential people on hand if a serious problem arises.
  • NASA will close.
  • The following agency's employees will be expected to work for no paycheck for who knows how long:
    • FBI
    • DEA
    • Border Patrol
    • TSA
    • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

The big thing I'm seeing is that there will be a lot of people not knowing where their next paycheck will come from if this partial government shutdown happens. Some people will even still be working but not getting paid. Many people's travel plans may also need to change if they were planning on traveling to a state park or the Statue of Liberty. All during the holidays too.


Source: NPR


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