Memorial Day can be fun, but getting ready for it sure can cause the stress! Family, friends, and, if you're thinking about loved ones you'll be honoring Monday, you might need some time for self-care. And I honestly believe five minutes with this picture will do it.  You can click on it to get the big version.

James Rabe/TSM
James Rabe/TSM

Imagine sitting on the bench, looking out over the water, hearing it slowly lap at the rocks on the shore and the wooden piers of the dock. The grass is soft under your feet, the sky is so blue, speckled with soft fluffy clouds. You close your eyes as you breath deep the fresh Northern Michigan air, the scent of the fresh water. The sun on your skin is warm, and the slight breeze rustles the leaves, cooling you just a touch.

I took the picture in Harbor Springs, MI, one of those picturesque little towns with amazing shops, food, and water. I used to live in this area and loved to come down to the water to each lunch. I was poor as poor can be then, so it was just me sitting on the grass, watching the boats, the people, and the reflections.

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