Yes, I know the State Fair ended over a week ago, and you're probably thinking "Geez Carly, get over it!" Nope! Not until I tell you about the great way the State Fair gets rid of the Christmas trees after the State Fair competition!

If you don't know, the Christmas trees are on display in the Agriculture Horticulture Building (now you know where you have to stop next year!). You walk through, appreciate people's ability to grow such a beautiful tree (because I can't grow normal flowers to save my life), and then most people probably don't give a second thought to what happens to these trees after the fair.

It turns out, they get picked up by staff from the Minnesota Zoo the day after the fair! They use the trees as "animal enrichment for moose, caribou, reindeer, primates and some wood-eating species!"

I'm really glad these trees are able to be reused and don't just get tossed out!

Check out the Minnesota State Fair's Facebook post about it:


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