Recently I posted a blog about my desire to find houses in and around the community that have gone that extra mile and done some extensive decorating for Halloween. I've received a few addresses of places that are all lit up to celebrate this season of ghosts, goblins and candy overindulgence. A couple of them were within driving distance and a few of them were a bit of a drive. Hopefully I can get to them before Halloween, the others I plan on finding and taking pictures of and posting sometime next week. If you're still reading this and you know of any house that is a tribute to this fun fall celebration, by all means, please contact me with the address, either by email -- -- or leave a message at (507) 333-4205. I'd love to feature it in my post next week.

Also, are you hosting a haunted house that is open to the public and at least some of the proceeds are going to charity? I'd love to help you out with a separate post about detailing the whereabouts of these houses of horror, their hours and cost, whether it is family friendly or more suited for older children and adults, and the theme of said haunted houses. Please leave the info at the above email or phone number along with a contact number that I can reach you at if I need any additional info.

Happy Halloween!

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