There are a lot of questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, but this one has some people genuinely stumped.

While a lot of us are still trying to figure out which of the three current vaccines to take (or whether they will take one at all) some folks are torn over which arm to get the vaccine in.

Do you go left? Do you go right?

It seems like it would make sense to get the vaccine in your least-dominant arm. For instance, when I was able to receive my COVID shot, I was indifferent to which arm I would receive the almighty vaccine.

Clearly, the pharmacist didn't have any time for my indecisive foolishness, so she asked "which arm do you write with?" And as I raised my right arm she said, "we're going in your left."

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Luckily, it's been a week and the only side effect from my vaccination (I got the one-dose) has been a sore arm. I'm probably not helping the situation by sleeping on my left arm every night, so I started to wonder if I chose the right arm. That led to a feverish Google search that got me the answer I was looking for.

So, which arm is the best arm? According to literally every doctor... in literally every article... the best arm to receive the vaccine is ANY arm—meaning that doctors are advising folks to get this COVID-19 vaccine ASAP, by any arm necessary.

But since you probably came here for real advice, I would highly suggest you get the vaccine in your non-dominant arm. Unless you sleep on a certain side where you put pressure on that arm, then get it in the opposite arm.

Do your research on the COVID-19 vaccine and make the best decision for YOU. Be safe, and I hope to see you (in person) sooner than later.

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