Simply based on the premise of Sharknado memes hitting social media should the San Jose Sharks win the NHL Western Conference Finals I'm pulling for the St. Louis Blues and by doing that, I hope to be listening to the 1982 top-10 pop hit by Laura Branigan 'Gloria'. Believe it or not after a win the 2019 St. Louis Blues play 1982's 'Gloria' in the locker room and it's all thanks to a small bar in a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia. 

Chalk it up to superstition as a few Blues players made their way to a small private bar in Philly the night before they played the Flyers to watch the Philly/Bears playoff game (forever known as the double doink game for Bears fans.), and when the game would go to break this one guy in the bar would yell for the DJ to play 'Gloria'.

Every time it was played the bar went nuts, and the following night the Blues won. Hence, in the minds of a superstitious bunch of NHL-ers, we gotta play 'Gloria' after a win. And they have been since February.

As for the song, meh in my opinion, but I'll listen or if needed play it proudly and loudly in my home if it means I won't have to see the teal of a San Jose Sharks jersey in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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