I recently came across a meme with the caption reading, preparing myself for 2021, in which men are practicing hitting themselves in the junk. I thought this can't be a real 'skill' and who would do this to themselves, as there was an iron capped log, and a brick involved at one point, but lo-and-behold. I present you with the dying art of 'iron crotch' kung fu.

Side-note, if you ever want to be flagged by your IT administrator really quick, start searching 'iron crotch kung fu'. So after doing a little Google work, it turns out that this style of kung fu, originating in the Chinese province of Luoyang, has been taught for roughly the last 300 years, and unsurprisingly has seen the disciples of the art dwindle to just over 20 practicing it. 

The guy in a majority of the Youtube videos I have seen, yes I grimaced in every single one, is Wei Yaobin. He is in his 60's and has two kids according to a Reuters story, so it didn't affect his ability to...reproduce.

MasterTu.com states there are health benefits to the 'Iron Crotch' practice, the benefits are that it "enhances the male's body and strength. Not only can it improve your immune system and prevent illnesses it can also improve your sex life! The recommended age to start is 25 years old. Iron Crotch is especially beneficial for men past their 60’s, as that is the age that health problems start to surface."

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Prepare for 2021 this way, or take a multi-vitamin. The ball[s] in your court.

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