It's one of Minnesota's more abundant resources. Water. We have more than 10,000 lakes filled with it. Plus there are many aquifers that supply multiple cities their water. But what about sending some of our water out of state to the American Southwest where they are currently facing a drought? A Lakeville company is proposing to do just that with two wells in rural Randolph that would take 500 million gallons of water and whip it by rail to the Southwest. 

According to the Star Tribune, Lakeville based Empire Building Investments submitted the assessment form to the Department of Natural Resources in early October.

Empire Building Investments has proposed that it will drill two wells on a 6.2-acre parcel of land that the company owns in rural Randolph. The land parcel is located within a mile of the Cannon River.

The extracted well water would then be hauled by rail to communities near the Colorado River for commercial and institutional purposes.

Empire Building Investments is operated by Dave Fellon of Lakeville who also founded a short rail/line company in Progressive Rail back in 1996. Progressive operates more than 100 miles of mainline track in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa according to this Progressive Railroading blog. 

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