'Ope. The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities just put out the percentage of when the #BoldNorth will see it's first freeze. I'll preface this by saying that there is some good news with this prediction. The first freeze is predicted to hit at the normal time of year for Minnesota. That time? The first week in October. 

Here is what the National Weather Service is predicting.

As you can see from the pictures, predictions on temps going below 32, that there is a 65-70% chance in the next 14 days we will have had our first freeze/frost of the year.

It is bad news though for area farmers, as many had a late start planting their crops due to all the wet weather that happened this past Spring. It's just another reminder that we are getting ready to deal with another Minnesota winter unless, of course, you like to ice fish or snowmobile which this was nothing but good news for you!

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