The calender has said it is 'spring' since March 20th, but here in Minnesota, we know that conditions outside do not always match the season. We still have a ways to go before summer comes, but today's weather is a sneak peak of warm and sunny days to come!

As I type this, it is currently 70 degrees outside! Yes, 70! Amazing right? It was a long hard winter, and at times I wasn't sure it would ever end. But now with the sun shining and the mercury hitting 70, I'm dreaming of days at the lake, outdoor concerts, camping trips, and bonfires. I love the summer! I'm also reminded that last year we were hit with a suprise snow storm or two in April. The weather can be unpredictable, so I'm going to savor every beautiful and warm day we have! I hope you're able to get outside and have some fun too!

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