It looks like our friends over in North Florida are at it again! Get ready for a wild story from Eau Claire, Wisconsin that could only take place at a Walmart.

According to the Eau Claire Police Department, they were called over to Walmart for a retail theft in progress that involved a 46-year-old woman and her dog, Bo. What the officers didn't know is that they would soon have to deal with:

- A dog running wild in a Walmart, and almost getting away with stealing a box of cornbread muffin mix
- The woman angrily leaving the store to perform karate moves in the parking lot
- A broken squad car window
- The woman's 26-year-old son deciding to strip down naked and expose himself to customers
- The naked son deciding to steal some new clothes (and ruining them forever)
- Attempted murder (?) with a scooter (??)

Maybe it's best if I let the ECPD explain it themselves:

...Did you get all that? Because that's a lot to take in. Those officers really deserve a beer.

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