Southwest Airlines is trying to win us back. After the incident with Flight #1380, ticket sales are hurting. So the marketing team has come up with a new tactic, they are offering a new summer sale, with some flights under $50 one-way!

Ok, being someone who LOVES to travel and also loves staying on budget, this sounds amazing! But I'm still really nervous about getting on a Southwest flight...

Here's the catch: there's a lot of fine print, and not all flights are under $50. In fact, none of the flights out of Minnesota that are included in this sale are under $50. But they are still super great deals!

You can fly to Chicago, Denver, Nashville, St. Louis, and Kansas City for just $79 one way! Or, if you're cool with spending a little more, the other flight options are Atlanta or Baltimore for $99 one way, Phoenix for $129 one way, and Oakland, CA for $149 one way.

Any of those places sound like great options for a trip on a budget! You could spend a weekend in Chicago for pretty cheap! Or maybe not.

These flight prices are only for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There goes my weekend trip idea! The other fine print includes that you have to travel anytime from June 5th through October 31st. It's nonrefundable and you must book by this Friday. These prices do not include taxes, fees, or other charges. Fares may be combined with other Southwest combinable fares but if you're combining with other fares, the most restrictive fare's rules apply.

And there's even more fine print beyond that, but that's the gist of it!

You can check out all of the flight options out of Minneapolis at the Southwest website.


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