I was already thinking about ordering pizza for dinner tonight, so pizza was already on my mind and then I saw this and now I'm really hungry!

Domino's has launched a new promotion where you can get a free pizza by ... not eating their pizza?

The promotion is called Points for Pies. You need the Domino's rewards app and all you need to do to get points is to take a picture of a pizza that's not from Domino's and you'll get 10 points. It could be a pizza from Pizza Hut, could be a frozen pizza from the grocery store, a little pizza bagel you made at home, or even a fake pizza toy.

You can scan only one pizza per week. If you get 60 points that's good for a free medium, 2-topping pizza from Domino's! And if you already have some Domino's points, those points can also be added to the Points for Pies promotion.

So yes, if you don't already have Domino's points it'll take you 6 weeks to get a free pizza. Luckily the promotion starts tomorrow (February 2nd) and runs to April 28th!

You can only collect a max of 60 points per user and once you claim your points you have 6 months to use them up.


Source: Thrillist


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