It doesn't seem like something that can be done due to our lakes freezing over, but two men from Morristown have gone all in on shrimp farming. Dan and Jon Melchert, who call themselves the Shrimp Guys, are farming the most commonly sold shrimp, white Pacific shrimp, by flying babies in from Florida and Texas.

The two men are able to farm shrimp successfully here in Minnesota due to the operation being housed in a pole shed which has inside of it four, 6,500 gallon tanks that can potentially hold up to 30,000 shrimp each.

The brothers aren't unfamiliar to farming as they grew up farming corn and soybeans, and they continue that today. So their approach to shrimp farming is far from dumping in feed and leaving for the day.

The operation isn't without some risk as Dan learned after accidentally turning a valve too far, killing an entire tank's worth of shrimp.

It sounds like the Shrimp Guys want to bring their tasty morsels to Faribault too!  The guys hope to start meeting with retailers and to set up a regular booth at the Faribault Farmers Market.


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