The Chisago County Sheriff's Deputies have seen a lot out on the road. When it comes to distracted driving you've got your obvious reasons right? Texting, make-up, eating fast food, talking on the phone, heck even changing the radio station can result in a distracted driving ticket. But farm animals? Add that to the list in Chisago County as a deputy pulled over a distracted driver earlier this week and discovered not one but TWO pigs!

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office published this photo to their Facebook page yesterday morning and it's gotten nearly 300 shares, and over 60 comments from people who like me were blown away that this guy was driving with pigs in the cab.

It might be tough to see the second pig in the photo but if you look to the right of the large pig, under its front leg you can see faintly a smaller black pig hanging out as well.

This is a good reminder for Minnesota drivers as we approach the month of April. April is distracted driving awareness month. You can expect to see extra patrols coming soon to a roadway near you.

On top of the extra enforcement for distracted driving, the Minnesota Legislature is in the process of working on a bill that would make using only a hands-free phone solution when driving a law.

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