Imagine it is spring time and you are outdoors hiking Nerstrand Woods State Park and all of a sudden you hear a squish, and your foot slips a little. A very popular addition recently to most cities are dog parks and sometimes we run into this problem there too. Do you know anyone that may need some pet clean up tips? If so this article is a gentle reminder on how to 'handle' that situation. 

So you are out with your dog and all of a sudden it has to poop. What do you do? First of all, praise your pooch for getting their business done outside. Also, petting dogs is cool, and there’s never a bad time for it. Next, grab one of those bags you brought, stick your hand in it, and pick up the poop – ALL OF IT!

Pro-tip: Flip the bag inside-out so the poop is now inside and tie that sucker shut.

If there’s not a garbage can nearby, consider bringing some gallon Ziploc bags to put the dog bags into. It’ll keep the smell down and make it easier to carry out.

I bring this up as I was reading about a town in Colorado that officials this week are considering DNA testing all the poop to pinpoint who is responsible for the fecal matter that’s piling up. That’s right, an entire city might employ forensic science to hunt down which poop came from which dog. All because some of the Colorado residents who own a dog don’t pick it up and throw it away.

Pro-Tip: Don't want to touch the poop? They make this! 

Let's not get to the point where our local municipality is paying to test doggie "left-overs" to find the perpetrator. Be a courteous dog owner and pick up after your pet and throw it away. It is against the law in most towns like Faribault to leave the waste behind.

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