CNN reports, that due to the coronavirus pandemic and the CDC's recommendation about the upcoming holiday, families are gathering in smaller groups than in prior years. Smaller gatherings means less people to feed, which that means people are buying smaller turkeys too. Now, sometimes you go to the grocery store and all you see are these giant turkeys, but that may not be as common this year. Retailers are purchasing smaller turkeys from farmers who are ending turkeys lives a shorter than normal, so they are smaller. My Mom always buys a big bird and then makes turkey soup after the holiday is over, so I know she won't be happy with a small bird. CNN reports that the prediction is that people will want to purchase smaller birds, but that's not a guarantee.

I have said it before and I'll say it again, Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday at all. I like the holiday itself where we give thanks for what we have and I love teaching my nieces and my son to be grateful. That part I love. The meal, however, definitely not my favorite at all. I hate turkey. I think it's dry, no matter who cooks it, I cannot get myself to love it. I will eat only dark meat and I'll drown it in gravy and mashed potatoes. I usually look forward to the sides more than anything. The mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, the good stuff. But otherwise, turkey is not my thing. I also don't host Thanksgiving, I host Christmas day, and this year we will be having filet mignon, so hopefully I don't hear in the next month that the size of those are going to change, cuz then I'll really curse this pandemic even more than I already have.

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