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Are You At Risk For A Stroke?
There are new ways for your risk of a stroke to be determined in advance. And by just giving up 1/2 hour of your time and a small fee you can find out where you stand.
High School Prank Applauded By Police
It's part of the whole high school gig. Pranks that happen during homecoming week, last weeks of school etc. Many times these are not well thought out as to damage or hurt caused. I don't condone those types of pranks. But this is great.
Trials And Tribulations Of Used Cars
I recently as you may have heard me talk about on air, was faced with the situation of having to replace my vehicle. As you know, I don't think anyone ever goes gaga over car shopping, and it never comes at a good time financially. My search is still continuing and I discovered this list of car…
Another Bowling Alley Is Shutting It’s Doors
When I was a kid, within 10 miles of my parent's house in the cities there were about 10 bowling alleys. People liked the fun, drinks were cheap and the food was usually pretty good and it was a cheap way to have fun. Now I think there are 1 or two left.
Do We Need Another Music Competition Show?
This fall, it's 'Real Country'. It will feature Shania Twain and Jake Owen and will film this summer in Nashville. The show is supposed to run for 8 weeks on USA network produced by Wilshire Studio with Twain, Nicolle Yaron, Stijn Bakkers, and Leslie Garvin set to executive produce.

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