Does Your Favorite Hot Dish Make The List?
We've entered into the doldrums of winter and it's during this time or year hearty and TRUE Minnesotans reach into their cupboards and refrigerator/freezers and whip up the best concoction of vegetables and meat they can create. We've even named them appropriately...Hot Dish.
More Money Coming To Your Paycheck
New tax tables go into effect this year as part of the tax reform bill. The withholding tables tell employers how much money to pull out of your checks. 90% of people should see their take-home pay go up under the new guidelines.
TC Steals the Show at Twins Caravan Visit
The students at St. Mary's School in Owatonna had the chance to meet Minnesota Twins players Robbie Grossman and Jorge Polanco, but the biggest ovation came when TC Bear entered the gym, high-fived students and took half court shots with a basketball.

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