We see so many stories of Christmas this time of year. What are your favorites.  Before I go into mine, I am probably one of a very few people that really does not get excited about Christmas Story. There are a few scenes I have enjoyed but for the most part it does not really do anything for me. My favorites include the 1951 version of a Christmas Carol (caled Scrooge in London) with Allistair Sim in the title role, A 1980's version with George C. Scott as Scrooge and a 1999 version with Patrick Stewart.  Plus since I am a Tim Allen fan I enjoy the Santa Clause movies all though I did not like 3 as much as one and two, It's a Wonderful Life of course and my newer favorite is Polar Express.   All of these provide stories of hope, and Joy when sometimes you need it most.  For me this time of year has been mostly giving what you have and sharing as much as you can with family and others.  Many times the material parts of Christmas(gifts) are not as important as the people you get to be with.  I hope it's a safe a Merry Christmas to all. And we hope you enjoy all of the special music and programs on KDHL Dec. 24th and 25th.