I have been driving since 1979 and because for many years I bought under $1000 cars, I went through a few in my first few years of driving.  But the car that got me through my senior year of high school was a fun car to drive but by all means no babe magnet. It was a 1973 Chevrolet Vega. It was a two door hatchback model. No air, no fancy stereo, no power steering or brakes, but it was good on gas. I lived on a busy street in Minneapolis. One night I left the keys in the lock of the hatch. overnight. The car and the keys were still there in the morning.  When I started driving gas was 79cents a gallon. By the time i had graduated a year later it was over $1.00.  Course I think  was working for about $6.00 an hour then.  As I know of some people getting their first car it brought back memories.  By the way the car in the picture is stock photo. Mine was not this clean.

Courtesy NBC/Getty images