You must be from Minnesota when you think that a low of -12 today feels great compared to -23 or more that we had yesterday. Another factor today was the winds were not as bad today.  Did too many schools make the decision to close too early?  On the other hand I have to wonder about what it's like to live in Northern Wisconcin where my sister lives and they get the lake effect snows. Last I heard they had a total of over 5 feet. And it's only January.  So Our snow cover here does not seem so bad.  Then I think of KDHL/POWER96 Hall of Fame Sportscaster Mike Morrissey enjoying this winter in Florida. Where there are frost and freeze advisories and it's been colder than normal.  Do I feel sorry for him and others I know down south...not really.  Right now I like being in my frozen tundra that is Minnesota.  Come on ..we even have outdoor hockey at TCF Stadium this weekend. Gotta love it. Later.