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In denial
Today's weather was cooler, it rained much of the day, and was just kind of dreary. Despite the fact that I have already seen some leaves on the ground, I am choosing to be blissfully ignorant and believe that today was just a rainy day.
Summer Lovin’
If you've ever met me, or read this blog before, you know I don't like being cold and that sunny and 75 is my version of heaven. So now that warmer days have FINALLY arrived in Minnesota, how do I plan to spend them?
The ground is shaking!
Here at the KDHL and Power 96 studios, the floor has been shaking all day! The culprit: the road in front of our studios is currently being worked on, and there some heavy duty equipment being used.
Spring took it's sweet time arriving in Minnesota and has finally arrived! With warmer temps, spring has also brought some color and beauty. The lilac bush outside the KDHL/ Power 96 studios is blooming and looks lovely!
Two seasons…
The well known joke is that Minnesota has two seasons: winter and road construction. And given what felt like a never ending winter, there might be some truth to that!
Warmer days and cold hands
"Cold hands and a warm heart" is something my grandmother used to say. I sure hope she was right, because I'm pretty much always cold. In fact, even as the temps have finally broken into the 70's, I've been using a space heater!
Winter is FINALLY over!!!
The calender has said it is 'spring' since March 20th, but here in Minnesota, we know that conditions outside do not always match the season. We still have a ways to go before summer comes, but today's weather is a sneak peak of warm and sunny days to come!
And then there was light!
Spring does not offically start until the 20th of March, but temps are starting to heat up.In fact, we were about 12 degrees higher then average today! I'll take it!
STOP! In the name of spring?
Today is March 7th, meaning that tomorrow night we'll all be setting our clocks ahead an hour as we begin daylight savings time. But if we're "Springing Ahead" as they say, where is spring?

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