target field

Is “Circle Me Bert” over at Twins Games?
Nothing says summer like heading to Target Field for a baseball game! Our family loves going to see the Minnesota Twins and we've even spent hours decorating huge signs so we could try to have Bert Blyleven circle us! This year, we might need to put those sign making skills into garage sale s…
Need A Billy Joel Fix?
I woke up this morning to the Facebook posts of quite a few of my friends at the Billy Joel concert at Target Field in Minneapolis last night. I immediately regretted being such a tightwad and not shelling out the few bucks for tickets to the show...
Summer Lovin’
If you've ever met me, or read this blog before, you know I don't like being cold and that sunny and 75 is my version of heaven. So now that warmer days have FINALLY arrived in Minnesota, how do I plan to spend them?