I'm not originally from Faribault. When I first arrived, I knew little of the area, but people were quick to educate me on the many high points of the community. One of the claims to fame is that Faribault is home to the Tilt A Whirl. Anyone who has ever been to a fair has seen or taken a ride on one, and around Faribault, you're almost guaranteed to know someone who spent part of their life building the rides. Recently, an effort was made to have one of the Tilt A Whirl cars restored and last night was the unveiling of the finished product!

It turned out so well! This car will soon be finding it's way to a corner of Central Ave in downtown Faribault. It will serve as a colorful reminder of Faribault's heritage, and also be a fun spot for people to take pictures! This car is complete, but the people behind the effort would love to get a couple more Tilt A Whirl cars restored and on display as well. Make sure you take a moment to check out this fun Faribault feature!

Photo: K Krage