I was sitting at home Sunday watching a movie, and I had not gotten a chance to skip past the previews. One of the previews was for the Hunger Games movie.  As the triler came on my daughter was looking at her phone and said someone named Philip Seymour Hoffman died. And I went, wow. He's younger than I am. I knew he had past problems with drugs, but thought that was under control.

I remember seeing him in his first role as a rape case defendant in Law and order in the early 90's.  The first film I saw him in was Twister. He played kind of a spacey weather chaser named Dusty. He could be a little strange, but when the pressure was on, Dusty knew his stuff. The first more dramtic work of his I saw was Patch Adams, with Robin Williams.  In the first part of the Movie, Their two characters did not get along, but in the end they needed each other.  I was impressed about his performance in the movie Doubt and how well he acted with Meryl Streep.  I have not yet seen Capote, or Charlie Wilson's war. I guess now I will find time to watch these that are his best performances.

I find it so hardt to understand why  that people that have so much have to turn to drugs or alcohol to make themselves happy. Yes the public puts lots of pressure on stars. Heck they even do it to radio people. And based on past experiences with people in my life, it usually does not have a happy ending. Farewell Philp. R.I.P.