You mother's old saying of keeping things out of your mouth as you didn't know where it has been and who's touched it is ringing true! The case for living in a bubble and washing our hands constantly is almost reality now that I just read about how 1 in 10 people have traces of cocaine and heroin on their hands, and those people are drug-free individuals! It's gross and scary all at the same time! 

The study shows that recreational drugs are everywhere. In large cities and small towns, people find ways to use drugs on a regular basis, despite laws prohibiting against it and law enforcement desperately trying to crack down on dealers.

The study which was published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, found that trace amounts of cocaine and heroin were present on the fingers of drug free volunteers. Drugs like cocaine are so prolific in society that some research has shown that they can end up on the fingers of people who have never touched them.

The researchers from the University of Surrey recruited 50 people who had never touched drugs, and 15 people who said they had taken cocaine or heroin in the past 24 hours.

In the study about 13% of people who didn't use drugs had tiny amounts of cocaine on their fingers, and about 1% contained a substance associated with heroin.

It's just another reason for all of us to wash our hands, and slather on the Purell.

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