We've all heard about how the data Facebook collects from all of us was used for other purposes by a British research company. Do you know how to see which apps are tracking you on Facebook-- and how to block them?

It shouldn't be a surprise, I guess, when we hear stories about how our date from Facebook has been used in other ways we weren't aware of. I mean, we routinely put a ton of information up online on Facebook, from where we work, to where we live, to who are friends are.

And, according to this Business Insider story, when you use Facebook to download an app or log into another using Facebook (which I never do, mainly because it always seemed weird to me to use one app to log into another app), you're giving those companies a look the information in your Facebook profile. (It's this info that Facebook's under fire for giving to a researcher, who then gave it to a foreign political research company.)

So in case you'd like to at least see-- and maybe control or block-- that information yourself, check out THIS incredibly informative article from Business Insider. It'll show you how to see which apps are tracking you, and, more importantly, how to block them.

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