For anyone who has been in a band, you know all too well how difficult it is to pick a band name. Once you've found one, convincing everyone in the group to agree on it is all the more challenging. By this point, so many names have come off the board, that it's more of a problem than ever, but we have a suggestion: add "black" in there somewhere.

If your band takes off, anyone perusing their nearest music outlet (yes, they still exist) will inevitably hover over the "B" section, scouting the crop of Black Sabbath albums. You'd do well to have your band is such a high traffic area and while we can't guarantee it's the sole reason for the success of some of the bands in this latest Loud List, it can't hurt, right?

Of course, it's the talent that thrust these acts to heights within their own circles. After making his name as the successor to Jake E. Lee in Ozzy Osbourne's band, Zakk Wylde branched out with Black Label Society, who have been going strong for nearly 20 years. How about for black metal bands? There's "none more black" than tossing "black" in your name, strengthening the ties to the genre like Black Witchery have done.

There's hundreds upon hundreds of bands who have added a touch of darkness to their name, but there's no doubting those featured in the 10 Greatest Rock + Metal Bands With 'Black' in Their Name reign supreme. See who else made the list above!

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