I'm learning that living in Minnesota takes an acquired taste. I have lived here for six months now and I'm just starting to love it. Ask me after this big snowstorm if I still love it here. My answer may change. Over the past six months, I have developed a 15 question questionnaire to determine if Minnesota is the perfect place to live or is Flordia more my style. So let's see if you can pass the test.

  1. Do you like tater tots?
  2. How do you feel about complete strangers being overly nice to you?
  3. Do you like having neighbors?
  4. How do you feel about the bone-chilling cold?
  5. Do you own a pair of Carhartt's, a good coat and even better hat and gloves?
  6. How about a good pair of snow boots?
  7. Ice scraper in the car?
  8. Do you like water? More specifically lakes?
  9. Would you consider yourself an outdoors person?
  10. Do you own a fishing pool and know how to use it?
  11. Do you bleed purple and gold?
  12. Do you like massive malls?
  13. Do you mind spending an hour saying goodbye to people before leaving?
  14. Do you love love love Caribou?
  15. Do you know what people mean when they say they are going up north?

If you answered "YES" or "Maybe" to any or all of these questions, then you are meant to live in Minnesota. After taking my own questionnaire, I've decided you are stuck with me for a little while! Hopefully, you have numbers five, six and seven ready because tomorrow could be a wet one! ;)

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