If you are like me, you like kicking back and having a relaxing day floating down the river. Lucky for us, southeast Minnesota has some of the most scenic rivers in the state.


That is why the Root, Cannon and Zumbro river all made this list! Only In Your State listed off the six best lazy rivers in Minnesota, and three of them came out of southeastern Minnesota.

Otter Tail River, Rum River and Platte River rounded out the top six.

The site includes the Root River and its beautiful access in Lanesboro, the Cannon River near Welch, and the Zumbro River in Zumbro Falls. All the locations are absolutely gorgeous, and even have businesses where you can rent tubes for your relaxing day on the water!

Personally, I am a fan of the Root River. I grew up with it in my backyard, and having been tubing and cannoning in the Lanesboro area, which is so much fun. There are so many amazing town near or on the Root River which is also so cool to check out. I have never been on the Cannon or Zumbro rivers, personally, but I can't imagine it would be terrible.

What are some of your favorite places to get on the water?

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