Yesterday Governor Walz made the announcement that Minnesota will be under a 'Stay at Home' order beginning Friday night. There’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with this announcement. What does a 'Stay at Home' order mean? What’s still open? Do I have to be locked in my home? Here are some things that you should know about the 'Stay at Home' order:

1. It Begins Friday at 11:59 PM
I've seen confusion surrounding when the order takes effect. It starts this Friday night (the 27th) at 11:59 PM and ends Friday, April 10th at 5 PM.

2. Don't Storm the Grocery Stores
Groceries stores are remaining open during the 'Stay at Home' order. Please do not go panic buy, the grocery stores will still be open when you need to buy food.

3. Restaurants will Remain Open for Drive-Thru, Carryout, and Delivery
Speaking of food, restaurants will remain open for carryout and delivery. If you are able, now is the perfect time to support your favorite local restaurant. Dine-in at restaurants will remain closed until May 1st at 5 PM.

4. Liquor Stores will Remain Open
Speaking of not storming stores, don't storm the liquor store either. Liquor stores will remain open during this 2-week period. So will food banks, pharmacies, banks, and many other businesses.

5.  Fine or Jail Time
In the Executive Order 20-20 from Governor Walz, it states, "Any person who willfully violates such an order or rule is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction must be punished by a fine [up to $1,000] or by imprisonment [up to 90 days]."

6. Get Outside
Getting outside for a walk, a run, just to get fresh air is considered an essential. And with the weather getting nicer by the week make sure to get out and enjoy it! It's very important for your mental health, especially in a time like this.

7. What's the Newest with School Closures?
With Governor Walz's announcement yesterday he also announced that he is authorizing the Commissioner of Education to implement a Distance Learning Period. This will begin Monday, March 30th until Monday, May 4th.

8. Radio Will Always be There for You!
We will be here for you through it all! And you can always chat with us, listen to us from anywhere in your home, and stay updated on the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information on our free app.

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