A juvenile died in an ATV crash in the City of Randolph Tuesday evening according to the Dakota County Sheriff's Office. In a brief news release to social media, the Sherriff's Office announced that deputies had responded at 6:29 pm to a "single all-terrain vehicle (ATV) crash resulting in a juvenile fatality in the City of Randolph.

******************UPDATED 4/23 6:07AM**********************

The Dakota County Sheriff's Office has released more information in regards to the fatal single ATV crash that involved a juvenile.

According to a press release from the Dakota County Sheriff's Office, 9-year-old Carter Nicolai of Randolph was the victim in the crash. The Sheriff's Office stated that emergency personnel was at the scene of the crash within 5 minutes of the call coming into dispatch and also had on scene an off-duty nurse and firefighter to implement life-saving measures.

Carter at the time of the crash was operating a "smaller sized ATV" near his home when the rollover crash occurred.

***************** ORIGINAL POST FROM 4/22 ********************

The juvenile victim's age and city of residence have not been announced by law enforcement.

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the fatal accident. The Dakota County Sheriff's Office announced that more information will follow today.

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