It took less than 19 hours for this guy to get caught after this video was posted to social media yesterday mid-morning. A Facebook post that featured the video of a man stopping his SUV to replace a freshly delivered package with an AA book was shared hundreds of times yesterday and led to his apprehension.

The post stated "Someones following the FedEx truck stealing packages and leaving AA books on porches . Got him on camera and called the cops. Watch what you are expecting to be delivered!"

You can see the guy stop his Pontiac Aztek SUV, paused for 20 seconds then get out, nonchalantly walk to the front door with something in his hands, bend over, and walk back to the waiting vehicle with something completely different in his hand.

The man, identified by Albert Lea Police as, Marco Antonio Posada, 42, was cited for theft, possession of stolen property, and driving after revocation. Posada according to a police report was found in another package from another address in his vehicle at the time of his citations.

Now is a good time to have these types of cameras up outside your home to hopefully catch porch pirates like this. Other ways you can protect your ordered goods would be to have them delivered to you at work, or an Amazon Locker.

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