All of the students at the Owatonna Middle School were given a test to determine their geographical knowledge. The test came directly from the questions that are part of the National Geographic Geo Bee materials. Out of all of the students who took the test, 28 scored well enough to take part in the school level Geo Bee.

During the opening remarks, Mr. Kent Buryska, moderator and teacher at OMS, said that we were looking at the top 2% of students in the school, and those who made it to the Final 10 were in the top 1%, as far as geographic knowledge. The Bee was a double elimination contest, and today was the very last day they could have it in order to qualify for the State Bee. With the school being closed most of the week making for some last minute scrambling to get the Bee in, but those kids were prepared.

Some of the questions in the first round were pretty easy, however, they got more difficult with each round. Those students needed to know State, National, even Worldwide Geography. In all honesty, I could not have done as well as they did, even now, and I have a college degree!

Many many congrats to all of the participants. The winner was 6th Grader Abdullahi Dahir, in 2nd place was 8th Grader Joe Hellerud.


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