While a lot of the damage from the tornadoes and storms on September 20, 2018 has been cleaned up, many farmers are still struggling with the aftermath. The corn that was flattened and was on the ground is getting moldy. Some is even germinating and will likely be a total loss. Plus, there is a lot of small debris scattered out in many fields. Now Rice County officials are attempting to determine the economic impact of the storm.

The Rice County Board of Commissioners asked Extension Educator Claire La Canne for some help from the University of Minnesota. Thursday afternoon Claire stopped by KDHL studios along with Extension Educator Dave Nicolai from the Farmington Regional office. In the picture is a map of Rice County with the paths of the tornadoes. Claire and Dave were trying to get an estimate of how severe the damage was not only in the direct path but also as you you moved away from the direct path.

They were also contacting insurance agents to get a handle on home and property damage. Many farmers had livestock buildings damaged or grain bins and dryers destroyed. For privacy concerns they are not talking to individual citizens. They are working on a total storm damage total.  That information will be given to University of Minnesota Economists to come up with a total economic impact of the storms.

That information will also be reported to the Rice County Board of Commissioners.There may be some sort of disaster aid available from the State of Minnesota or maybe even Federal Government.

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