Early on in the fall, it’s not unusual to encounter concentrations of several hundred common loons on larger northern lakes such as Lake Mille Lacs. Last November, bird enthusiasts counted a flock of 41 common loons right here in Faribault on Cannon Lake.

Flocks of our state birds are right now preparing to travel to warmer winter waters along the Atlantic coast from North Carolina south to Florida, or to the Gulf of Mexico. Much like people, some have already gotten a head start, but there are more than enough left that we might see a few migrating.

Here is a fun fact, Minnesota has more common loons than any other state except Alaska. The birds are often found on lakes throughout the central and northeastern part of the state during the late spring months through now.  The best part about the bird's migration is that about 12,000 will return to Minnesota next spring when the lakes clear.

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