Hundreds of law enforcement agencies across Minnesota continue their extra enforcement campaign against distracted driving through this weekend (April 22). It's startling what some people do while also driving a vehicle. Just because the crackdown period ends this weekend doesn't mean these actions will then be tolerated. It's all about everyone's safety on the road.

The Minnesota State Patrol Twitter account (@MnDPS_MSP) has been providing a running account of an example of the violations. Drivers of all ages are breaking the law, and it's not just texting that's occurring.

Following are some excerpts from the Twitter feed of the state patrol on what their officers found out when they pulled over drivers. All were ticketed:

  • 62-year-old male checking car prices
  • 18-year-old female received a second citation for texting and driving
  • 40-year-old woman making calls and checking Facebook
  • 34-year-old male for sending and receiving text messages
  • 23-year-old female for reading a Facebook article
  • 65-year-old near Kasson for shopping on Amazon, during a snow storm no less
  • 20-year-old woman checking phone for directions (which led to swerving)
  • 73-year-old for texting and reading emails
  • semi truck driver shopping Craig's List at a stoplight (also illegal)
  • 20-year-old male using Snapchat and digging under his seat for sunglasses
  • 21-year-old female for changing a song on her music app

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says, "If you think you can text and drive, you are wrong," in this blog post on their website.

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