This past Tuesday night, a downtown parking committee presented at a Faribault City Council Joint Committee meeting at the Faribault City Hall.

They proposed many different ideas but one of the ideas was to put a parking ramp in downtown Faribault. So we had to ask, what do the citizens of Faribault think about this idea?

Many people, including Sara Colleen, Jeffrey Bronk, Irene Helgeson, Sarah Hopwood, Mike Little, and Kim Maas all said that they would welcome a parking ramp downtown! Mike also suggested adding parking meters to Central Ave. so cars aren't parked there all day.

Others didn't agree, including William Barnes, David Schoenbauer, Mike Carlson, and Brian Peterson. Brian mentioned that he doesn't believe it would actually solve the parking problem. Mike is wondering where the ramp would go. He also mentions that he thinks a place with enough room would be so far from downtown there wouldn't really be a point.

My favorite opinion comes from Mark Linville Jr. He says "Sure. 10 miles out though. And offer helicopter rides and parachuting into downtown."

I agree with Mark, simply parachuting into downtown would solve all problems! And it would be way more fun!

What do you think about this parking ramp suggestion?


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