The Cannon Falls City Council Tuesday decided to make more changes to a proposed amendment to their City Code establishing the licensing and regulation of food trucks in the community.  Food trucks are "Mobile Food Units" in Title XI of the Cannon Falls City Code.

Mayor John Althoff joined us today to give his usual day after council meeting summary on the Cannon Falls Area News on KDHL.  Althoff said the meeting was short but the work session rather lengthy going over the 2020 budget.

The Cannon Falls City Council accepted a $500 grant to the Farmer's Market and $5,000 from the Firemen Relief Association to purchase equipment for the Cannon Falls Fire Department.

The ordinance dealing with food trucks was on the second reading level, meaning if it passed it would be published and become law.  Althoff told KDHL, "We didn't approve it last night because we made some more corrections so we're going to make those corrections and probably approve that amendment at the next council meeting.  The first one in August."  He said there was a lot of discussion about the ordinance.

Althoff said the council passed authorization to apply for a legacy grant for the third street bridge, "That's a historic bridge on the north side and we've got a grant to restore that bridge.  We're applying for another grant to finish it off.  We'll have to do some work on the road to the bridge so we applied for another grant for that."

The Cannon Falls Public Works Department reported the east side street project is nearing completion.

Most of the discussion occurred during the work session and Mayor Althoff commented, "You know I really admire the council we've got here.  They are all fairly new with the exception of one or two of us.  Everybody asked questions and we dove into all the departments.  Of course insurance, Public Works and Police are the big discussion issues.  We had a long discussion and set the preliminary tax levy at a 6.55 percent increase but that's negotiable.  We'll see what we can do with that."

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