The Minnesota Vikings travel west to Los Angeles to battle the Rams on Thursday Night Football in what many prognosticators thought could very well be a preview for this year's NFC title game in January. The game begins at 7:20 p.m. and will broadcast on FOX and NFL Network with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling the match-up. It'll also be available on NFL Sunday Ticket via DirecTV. Those are normally your only two options.

But now there's a third and newer option this season that exists for fans moving forward where they'll stream the telecast through Amazon Prime Video. In it, you'll be able to choose which audio feed you want (Buck/Aikman or a Spanish-language speaking team) or now the first all-female broadcast team in NFL history with Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm.

Kremer, known for her work on NFL Network and reporter for HBO will team up with Storm who's been an excellent anchor for years on ESPN's SportsCenter.

What's new and groundbreaking about this, is that they won't even be AT the game, rather Storm and Kremer will watch from afar using FOX's camera feed and tell stories during live game action.

It'll be interesting to hear the game told through their own perspective, and since I'm not the biggest Joe Buck fan, I'm definitely willing to give these two ladies a shot tonight. Plus, I've always loved and respected Hannah's work on SportsCenter.

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