Unfortunately, on this morning's Carly's Curious Cabinet, I was alone. I guess Paul had better things to do... just kidding he actually is busy! But I still wanted to share with you this product that you can put in your bathroom in the spirit of Halloween! Or in the spirit of just wanting to freak out your guests, either one!

This is the bloody bath mat, and it's exactly what it sounds like:

Credit: IntroWizard via Amazon
Credit: IntroWizard via Amazon

At first, it looks like an innocent white bath mat, until you step on it with wet feet and it looks like you left a bloody footprint! I personally think this would be a great addition to your guest bathroom so when you have someone staying the night and they take a shower you really freak them out. Is that mean?

Anyway! You can check out bloody bath mats HERE!

Also check out more items sold by Intro Wizard HERE!


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